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Check it out. This page is a good example of content about automotive dealership website content strategy.

If you are hearing a lot about how important it is to create content for automotive dealer websites you're not alone. Content mania is sprouting and so are the companies and packages to support it. Based on industry talk and trade shows you may think this is the latest thing.

However, good quality content has always been the "latest thing". In 2002, Matt Cutts who headed Google's Webspam team for over a decade stated: Don't bother with link exchanges, signing guest books, or other tricks – the best use of a Webmaster's time is building good content – and honestly promoting their site.

If you haven't heard of Matt Cutts, the Wall Street Journal summarized his position in a 2006 article: Cutts is to search results what Alan Greenspan was to interest rates.

For the past 15 years plus (a lifetime in SEO years), quality content has been listed as a Google fundamental best practice for website optimization. Motorwebs has been talking about good quality content as long as we've been in business, since 2002.

If you decide to dedicate time and/or resources to creating content it's important to assess expectations for realistic results.

If you are interested in developing a high quality content strategy, give us a call.

Here's a video from Rand Fishkin, founder of MOZ for a more insight on content.
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