Great Automotive Website Design

The challenge with template websites is that many dealership websites tend to look alike. Why not stand apart with your own design and message on a high performance automotive platform?

Give your visitors a visual break from your competitors. A custom website that is user friendly should immediately showcase your strengths and branding messages. Since car shopping and servicing is an inherently local experience, your website visitors may have heard of you, seen you or driven past your store. We believe your advertising and branding efforts should be reflected in a superior website design. We'll work with you to create a design you prefer and ensure that it's thoroughly optimized for the types of conversions you want.

Ever wonder why many dealer websites look the same? If you've been given the impression that they won't work as well if they aren't one of a vendor's limited template choices, you've heard their pitch. It's a defensive attempt at selling around their limitations. The truth is that a high performance, custom website coupled with OEM branding compliance, provides a competitive edge to a dealer.

Our definition of "custom" goes beyond changing a background (or background video), changing widget layouts on a page or font types and colors. We go beyond the basics to what really matters to dealers. Need to add, subtract or rerank inventory search filters? Want to creatively lay out an exciting new staff page? Perhaps you've added some key 3rd party vendors and want to make major design shifts in the search results pages or vehicle detail pages. What's easy for us is usually not available with our competitors.

Motorwebs is adept at creating an overall automotive design that's unique and different. Or, perhaps you like the look of your existing website but want improvements. Easy. From the look and feel, to the details like navigation, we guarantee we'll create something you'll love.

We've worked dealers that preferred Minimalist Navigation (like Apple). The Minimal Navigation build style takes visitors down relevant paths in the website to become more educated and familiar with what you offer instead of needing to make immediate decisions in a drop down. On the other end of the spectrum, Motorwebs also designs Mega Menus which provide graphics and organization. Or, you may prefer the traditional drop down menu. This type of navigation is favored by the template website builders in the industry with an estimated 90% of dealership websites designed this way. Ask us why they do this.

Here's a fact you probably realize: there is no perfect automotive website design. Design, like art, is subject to the beholder. That goes for both the website visitor and its owner. What one person loves, another person dislikes. By using industry best practices and testing, your website will be both custom and convert as well as the companies that guarantee double or more conversion. Ask us how. (hint: we may have to design a killer $200 off coupon or require a form submission to reveal lowest price.)

The benefits of working with a capable custom builder are numerous. 1) We can guarantee you'll get the design you want. We also can change the look and feel as your dealership changes or grows. 2) We provide a solution that can match existing websites. For example, if you are a group and have OEM mandated websites with a certain look, we can mirror that design to provide group cohesion.

Whether you have specific ideas and needs for your design or want to leave the recommendations to us, give us a call.

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