Automotive Website Metrics by Google Analytics

Modern analytics are real time, all the time....from any device. From a mobile app you can slice and dice advanced website data. Or, your customized "car dealer" dashboard can be delivered to your in box each week or month.

Google Analytics holds a wealth of information about your website. It's also the most utilized analytics source with the ability to showcase basic metrics to the most advanced reporting exactly the way you want. New features are constantly being added. For example, an valuable recent feature allows graphically oriented, roll up reporting across groups.

Many of the big template companies want dealers to believe that viewing their analytics from a single admin login is preferable. Most dealers understand the issues with this antiquated pitch. 1) Incomplete analytics are a waste of time. 2) Biased analytics can hide poor performance with paid search efforts or other third party services. The bottom line, is that vendor or agenda driven analytics are rarely ideal.

One more note is that most of the analytics data in the backend of many vendors are supplied from Google Analytics though an API. Why not go directly to the source?

At any time, you can drill down to check up on a vendor, solve a mystery, dig deeper into the health of your website or perform long range date comparisons. Google Analytics is unbiased in comparison to the analytics that a website provider may choose to show you.

If it seems overwhelming, the best practice is to have us set up a customized "Car Dealer" Dashboard. Log in to view it or have it automatically delivered on a weekly or monthly basis. If you're a more advanced user, download the app and check everything from real time visitors to historical data on the fly.

Need a quick tutorial? Do you want to drill down to answer a question? Do you need a custom dashboard set up? Just give us a call or send us an email.

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