OEM Website Management

Need some help managing your website portfolio? We're experienced professionals with one of the lowest expense ratios for either in-house or outsourced solutions.

Motorwebs was founded on a culture of high level service for automotive dealer websites. Over the years, it has been a natural evolution to provide fully managed services to other (non-Motorwebs) OEM mandated website platforms. Many dealers find it convenient to have a one-point-of-contact company for all proactive management and daily requests.

Today, we manage portfolios of websites that include Motorwebs websites and also factory mandated website platforms.

Here's how it works. We put together a plan and people to contact. You provide access and logins to your websites.

This solution works well for groups or a few stores that choose to not employ the resources of graphic artists, HTML experts or other skill sets. Many dealers find that our managed packages are more efficient from a time and expense standpoint. Call us for examples and a customized solution for your group.

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