Paid Digital Marketing

The most effective paid search marketing comes from trusted and transparent partners, not a package. 

If you've purchased much traditional advertising you've probably heard the saying, "We know that 50% of our advertising works. We just don't know which 50%."

By its nature, digital marketing is highly trackable. That's the good news. The bad news is that many platforms and vendors have different definitions of tracking success.

The beginning years of digital marketing were simplistic metrics like impression tonnage. Today, there are options for assigning specific costs on a per lead or per sale basis and more. The answer for the majority of car dealerships in defining their digital marketing success lies somewhere in the middle.

No matter what type of digital marketing you are purchasing, one of the best practices is to review the same set of rules and metrics across all efforts. It's also wise to add your own dose of common sense. Modern digital marketing reports should be understandable to the layman. If they are not, ask your vendor to work with you on it. That's where we can help. We're an objective vendor that can help you understand best practices and show you effective ways of monitoring your efforts.

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