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There are many great companies and true experts in the paid search industry. We can help you assess the differences between skilled paid search companies and lower level resellers or formula companies.

Digital marketing or paid search marketing (SEM) covers a broad and growing spectrum -- from search engines to social media to entertainment channels and publishers.

While paid search is more technical in nature, it can be simplified by viewing it as modern traditional advertising. The same principles of traditional advertising apply to digital advertising. You want an edge over your competitor. You want consistency in your promotions across traditional and digital audiences. You want to target by interests and by geography. And so on. For these reasons, it makes sense to utilize dedicated advertising advocates who work on your behalf. To explain this concept on the flip side: If you knew your traditional advertising agency also worked with your closest competitors and recommended the exact same packages, you wouldn’t take them seriously. What if both you and your closest competitor were targeting each other by buying the same “conquest” package from the same company? We’ve seen it happen. Of course, you would question the effectiveness and conflicts of interest.

The same basic principles of traditional marketing should be true of paid search marketing, or digital marketing. We call it modern advertising.

When one company is providing the same digital marketing packages to competing dealers, there is little (if any) competitive advantage. That is, unless the dealer buys additional or more expensive packages. Simply outspending isn’t always a welcome strategy.

This is one of the reasons why we’re not a fan of packaging paid search with one-size-fits-all menu choices. We are a fan of reviewing the options that will perform best for you and your brand. Our vision is to see the industry move forward by increasing strategy and critical thinking ~ innovation rarely comes from a package oriented industry.

One customer recently had another thought, "You know what I love about you guys? You're not always trying to sell me something like all my other vendors do." Correct. We’re strategizing and servicing more than selling.

Motorwebs has certified Google personnel so we clearly understand the fundamentals and are qualified to have informative conversations. Like many other companies, we've been wined and dined at the Google campuses and talk frequently to our representatives about trends and new offerings.

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