Search Engine Optimization

SEO for today's dealership has become inherently local. We manage your on-site SEO, help you navigate the off-site SEO ecosystem, work closely with your third party vendors or provide a complete package.

Motorwebs features solid, on-site SEO strategies and best practices. These best practices include optimal website architecture, proper tagging, schema code, and a fast, search-friendly platform.

In addition to on-site best practices, search engine optimization for a local car dealership also relies on the off-site ecosystem of directory listings, review websites and social media. Creating original content to expand your on-site and off-site footprint can also be another effective component.

Every dealership has different challenges and goals which should be weighed when creating a strategy for the most efficient return on investment. The companies that manage thousands of dealerships through a formula or packages are rarely an efficient model for real results.

Consistency with the major directory listings is important (name, address, phone number) as well as accuracy with the available fields such as hours, business categories and descriptions where available. The highest priority directory is Google My Business (and Bing Places). It packs the biggest real estate punch on the search results page by showcasing your logo, photos, hours and links to respective driving directions apps for that user.

Review websites can be stand alone or a social hybrid (like Facebook). These websites have become an important checkpoint in many consumer searches to make a decision about your dealership.

Social media has evolved to serve several purposes. As an SEO attribute, they provide more visibility for your dealership on the search engines as well as peppering directories with reviews.

Quality search engine marketing for today's dealership has become inherently local and that's the way the search engines want it. We know that their algorithm programming includes highly technical evolutions to continually improve the user experience. In layman's terms, that includes filtering out webspam practices and filtering in heavy doses of practicality and common sense.

In addition to providing on-site SEO fundamentals, Motorwebs also works closely with high quality third party providers. Whether you need a monthly strategy or have a one time project, we can help you navigate your most effective options.Call us to learn more.

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