Vehicle Inventory

We work with all inventory providers. Period.

In a marketplace dominated by companies trying to sell you all things internet related, Motorwebs has emerged as a neutral third party. Our approach is agnostic with inventory providers because experience has proven that each dealership has different needs, requirements and budgets. Our goal is to make your life easy, by integrating with whatever company or provider that you have determined works the best for you.

Vehicle Merchandising

Vehicle merchandising is important. Every online vehicle has a story to tell the consumer. The better and longer the story, the more attention and time it receives from prospective shoppers. From vehicle history reports to "why buy" dealership points, every extra item makes a difference in moving that vehicle from a commodity item to showcasing why it's the perfect pick for a buyer.

Motorwebs has extensive, daily experience working with inventory providers and each of their functionalities. How does this help you? We can tell you the real world facts on just about anything that is most important to you. For example, who has API access for instant updating and who does not. We can tell you which providers distribute video and which do not. Or, even what kind of service to expect. How do we know? We know by working with most providers for over 15 years to help our dealers accomplish what they need.

We can also help with complex pricing structures. Your pricing should be displayed exactly the way you want. We help you navigate the details to get it done quickly. If you've ever been told to "call your other vendor because it's their issue", we know you'll appreciate a far different experience with us. We get involved because we understand how the different systems and inventory providers work.

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