Why Moving to Motorwebs is Easy

We're like a high end moving company that carefully packs up all the important content and delivers it to a great new destination. We do all the work, you just provide directions.

Many of the car dealerships who find us have typically tried a few other website providers. Our model of high level service means that we naturally attract aggressive dealers. Or, dealers who simply need their website to do what they want, when they want.

The dealers we partner with who have been "around the block" with other providers have typically invested resources into the structure and the content of their website. We believe that those efforts should be preserved and built into any new website we create. We keep all content completely intact when you move to us.

The URL structure can also be an important part of the previous platform. You may have history and an extensive digital repertoire built around your URL structure. Motorwebs has the ability to keep the existing url structure intact if needed.

We hear many reasons why dealers are motivated to move but the most common are:

  • Lack of support (too slow, too elementary (low level support or rep) or too bureaucratic (anything complex requires different teams or weeks for an answer, etc)
  • Consistent nickel and dime charges
  • Upcharges or forced long term contracts for fundamental technologies
  • Not willing to work well with 3rd party products, agencies or services

The bottom line is that we keep all existing content and url structure of your current website as a baseline and then build and improve from there.

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